Möten som skapar skillnad. Live, digitalt & socialt

Stronger experiences.
Smarter communication.
Live, digitally & socially

We are…

storytellers, strategists, dreamers, creators, travelers, doers, communicators, techies, eggs and thinkers. We are all different, but are passionate about the same thing. For new inquiries or collaborations, please contact us at info@eventyr.se

We do this live, digitally & socially

As Sweden's leading event agency, we have arranged more than 3,500 successful events, conferences, jubilees, product launches and meetings worldwide. We create a completely unique brand experience that people love to remember.

At Eventyr we are driven by a strong commitment and have a constant curiosity when it comes to what trends and tendencies shape the world today and tomorrow. We love to try new ways to communicate and experience. We love to create events that strengthens and enhances your brand. It is our great passion.

Our process

Every process is similar to the next, at least generally speaking. This is not where you will find the big difference. At Eventyr we have refined our way of working over the years. The focus is primarily on the ongoing and close dialogue throughout the process. All to ensure that we achieve the high quality that we stand for and you as a customer strive for. Every project is unique. That's the way it should be.

We have developed unique concepts for events worldwide since 1995

People have always loved to tell stories. About events, someone they met or things they’ve experienced. Good stories engage, inspire and create meaning. Good stories spread. That’s why we create experiences that moves you. Moments and meetings with a deep emotional impact. That people love to tell each other about.