HeY Al Pitcher

Allas vår älskade Al Pitcher har tagit paus, men är mer aktuell än någonsin. Med sin humorserie på SVT "Pitcher på paus" delar han med sig av sin upplevelse att vara föräldraledig i Sverige. Vi tog ett snack med pappa"lediga" komikern Al Pitcher.

Hi Al, how are you?
– I am very bra tack, I am confused by the Swedish weather, it says Spring/ Sommar but it just snowed.

You have your own show at SVT, “Pitcher på paus”. How is it being on parental leave?
– When it happens I think you believe that, you will have the time to write a book, watch all the tv shows, get some relaxing time. But the truth is, its very stressful and you cant wait to get back to your job.

Your best recommendation for parents on parental leave?
– Don’t plan anything, because no plans will work. Just go with the flow and when the child sleeps, its ok to sleep then as well.

What do you love the most with Sweden?
– The way random Swedish people come up to you and just start conversations, no sorry that was a joke. I like the weather obsession and updates, I have a neighbor called Leffe, who tells me the weather, even when we are standing outside.

Your favorite Swedish word?
– Has to be Fyfan. It´s perfect that word, not offensive but its the greatest word for any annoying or surprising moment in life.

Namn: Al Pitcher
Ålder: 47 år
Bakgrund: Växte upp i Nya Zeeland och började sin standup karriär i London. 2010 flyttade han till Sverige och 2011 blev han årets manliga komiker.
Aktuell:Med humorserien “Pitcher på paus” på SVT

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